The National Association of Giacche Verdi, also known by the acronym A.N.Gi.V. is a voluntary association of civil and environmental protection and Social Solidarity consistant with the Framework Law on Volunteering ( 266/91 ) included in the lists of the National Register, is recognized by the Ministry of Environment as an Association of Environmental Protection in accordance with Art. 13 of Law no. 349/86. The Association has a national character and is divided into independently regional and provincial groupings. The provincial group of Bronte operates and conducts the activities in the territory of Bronte, in accordance with the statutory purposes of the capital for the purposes of charity and social solidarity as an non-profit organization. In Sicily and also in other 14 regions of Italy, the Green Jackets (Giacce Verdi) operate using the horse as an priority in the following various areas of intervention:

  • in social work, in favor of the weaker sections of the population where the horse can become a mediator of excellence to break down barriers, even the invisible ones , between so called normal humans and the ones with a disability;
  • in environmental protection, through patrols on horseback protected areas (Parks, Reserves, Oasis) , especially in areas where it isn´t possible to cross with mechanical instruments; here they also make efforts to educate people to respect the environment and forests;
  • in Civil Protection for the prevention of natural disasters (forest fires, landslides and other events caused by humans) and in the search for the missing peoples in hard to reach areas inaccessible by other vehicels.